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Sidney Nwangwu: From Football to an Author. How did he do it?

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Sidney Nnamdi Nwangwu II was born the fifth of six children to Prof. Peter and Mrs. Patience Nwangwu in Houston, Texas, before his family moved to Midland, Texas, when he was thirteen. Growing up, he enjoyed reading, but his dedication to football took priority.

He eventually earned a scholarship to Southern Methodist University as an offensive tackle, choosing to sit out his freshman year. While there, Sidney encountered a myriad of ideas and thoughts, but his time in college was brief. He lost his scholarship after one year and returned to Midland, where life caught up with him.

            Because he only considered sports for his future, this was a dark time in Sidney’s life. However, with his family’s support, he dedicated years to finding his path forward, trying many lines of occupation while playing semi-professional football. He rediscovered ikigai, a Japanese concept for one's purpose, and applied it to himself. While working in the pharmacy, Sidney searched for his path in life. Since elementary school, he was an avid reader and a phenomenal student of English and history. He never stopped his love of books, and this interest led to an old teammate introducing him to the author Conn Iggulden. As a self-professed history nerd, Iggulden’s books led to a deep dive in the genre. The more he read, the wider his interest became, and he was soon reading everything that he could find. This influx of themes and ideas sparked a story in Sidney’s mind, but he wasn’t sure what to do with it. What began as notes to keep track of details turned into a lifelong passion for writing and the art of storytelling.

Sidney’s writing is engaging, and he blends the reality of the life he’s lived with the characters and plots he creates. His knack for breathing life into his writing makes his stories hard to forget. His work flows in a way that transports readers into the story, putting them on the edge of their seats and making his stories hard to put down. He painstakingly selects every word, utilizing extensive research to ensure his writing is genuine and authentic. Sidney takes exquisite detail in crafting the cultures, nations, and cities he envisions, making his worlds feel like actual destinations. He is a firm believer in completing every story he crafts, but never considers the tale to be finished.

            He is currently working on the next two books of the Rings of Power trilogy, with a novella that takes place between the events of the books. He also has plans for a medieval fantasy trilogy set in the world of the Rings of Power. Sidney is also working on his Divine Game short stories, which details his life and lessons as a football player and a collection of standalone fiction and non-fiction short stories.

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