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Video Launch
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Episode 1 - How the 13 Colonies were created by private corporations?
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Episode 2 - The Problem with Democracy & The Illusion of Freedom
Episode 3 - Is Voting a Right or a Privilege?
Meet The Author 1.jpg
Meet The Author: A Conversation with Christian DeLuca
Meet The Author 2.png
Meet The Author: A Conversation with Nicholas Tartaglia
Episode 4 - Hamilton vs Jefferson on The National Bank
Stephen Girard.jpeg
Episode 5 - Stephen Girard: The Most Powerful Banker in America Before J.P. Morgan
Mett The Author - Glenn Corey.png
Meet The Author: A Conversation with Glenn Corey
Tulipmania 2.jpeg
Episode 6 - Tulipmania: Causes, Consequences, & Lessons
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