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Pia Varma Rayner: A Novelist in the Making

Pia Varma Rayner is an American businesswoman, author,  and a vocal advocate of free market principles. She is currently living in the United Kingdom with her husband and two kids. She has contributed articles to the Mises Institute, Glenn Beck’s Fusion Magazine and The Libertarian Republic. 

She also self-published a memoir in 2010 about her experience running for Congress in Philadelphia’s first district. Pia also writes works of fiction. As her interest in fiction grew considerably, she gradually made the transition from being a non-fiction writer to a novelist.

Pia’s writing style is conversational rather than descriptive. As a writer of fiction books, Pia’s writings focus on intense conversations between characters that extends the plot of the novel. The goal in her style of writing is to engage the reader in thinking as if s/he was one of the characters themselves, thus, understanding the experiences that the characters are living through. She is planning on releasing a book of fiction that focuses on the financial crisis of 2008.

Social Media

Instagram: @Laissezfairelounge

Facebook: Pia Rayner (Varma)

LinkedIn: Pia Rayner

Twitter: @piasmusings

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