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Finding Lost Mountain is the first book in The Lost Sidhe Trilogy (First Trilogy in the Trilogy of Trilogies The Lost Sidhe Prophecies) written by J. Jarvis. It is a book that leaves the stress of everyday life behind and immerses the reader into a world where myth and legend come to life. It describes a world where all the old fairy tales you read as a child are finally explained. It is a world where people are made with love and emotion and where soul mates are more than just fanciful thinking.


Jillian needs some peace and quiet away from her roommate and her roommate’s over amorous boyfriend. Someplace filled with quiet and inspiration so she can write her next novel. When her agent suggests a couple months backpacking along the Appalachian Trail, Jillian starts packing.


Graham’s divorce finally settled, his friend’s constant nagging to go hiking the Appalachian Trail finally wins him over when he finds the only way to shake off his ex is by going somewhere he can’t be found for a while.


Both are looking for some peace and quiet, some calm from the normal world around them. Little do either of them know that destiny and danger are waiting for them in a place called the Lost Mountain.

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